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Dr. Thrasher has published research papers on a wide variety of topics covering many different toxins. He has investigated numerous homes and buildings throughout the United States in regard to indoor air contaminants and water damage.

He has also published these significant case studies:  

A Case of Reye’s-Like Syndrome in a 68-Day-Old Infant: Water-Damaged Home, Mold, Bacteria and Aflatoxins

A Family with ME/CFS Following Exposure to Molds, Mycotoxins and Bacteria in a Water-Damaged Home: A Case Report

A Water-Damaged Home and Health of Occupants: A Case Study

Family of Six, their Health and the Death of a 16 Month Old Male from Pulmonary Hemorrhage: Identification of Mycotoxins and Mold in the Home and Lungs, Liver and Brain of Deceased Infant

Molds and Mycotoxins in Autopsy Specimens in a Death Related to Fungal Pneumonia and Pancytopenia, Marijuana Usage and a Water-Damaged Home: A Case Report

Dr Thrasher_Case Studies

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