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Dr. Thrasher received a Bachelor's of Science degree in 1959 from California State University, Long Beach, and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), School of Medicine, Department of Anatomy in 1964. He taught medical students at both the University of Colorado and UCLA in cell biology, human anatomy, physiology and embryology. 

Dr. Thrasher has specialized in Toxicology since 1966 and Immunotoxicology since 1986. He has been a consultant to toxicology laboratories and three human diagnostic laboratories. He has been an expert witness in government, defense and plaintiff cases.

Dr. Thrasher has published peer-reviewed research papers on the toxic effects of various chemicals, bacteria, molds and mycotoxins on animals and humans. These include the immunotoxicology of formaldehyde, organophosphate insecticides, chlorinated insecticides, solvents, isocyanates hydrogen sulfide, and molds and bacteria in water-damaged homes and buildings.
Sandra Crawley
Sandra Crawley obtained a Master of Education degree (M.Ed.) from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and received training in trauma injury and chemical dependency at Harvard Medical School. Her professional career has been devoted to empowering individuals to rebuild their lives following traumatic events. 

Trauma is experienced by many diverse life events, including toxic exposures. It is important to provide services to those who have suffered the ill effects of toxic exposures. Ms. Crawley has committed many years of her time and energy to providing those services, resulting in a culmination of her life’s work. She understands that the chemically injured experience profound loss in multiple areas--permanent loss of good health, meaningful employment and financial security. 
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