C. ulcerans:  Causes pharyngitis.

C. pseudotuberculosis:  subacute relapsing lymphadenitis

Species of Corynebacterium cause infections in animals., which are the source of humans infections.  You have seen here that the same species of Corynebacterium are causally connected to infections in immune compromised patients  What about immune competent individuals.? Individuals who have inflammatory sinus and lung conditions resulting from exposure to damp indoor spaces are placed on corticosteroid therapy.  Corticosteroid use of two weeks or more has been associated with the onset of aspergillosis in  immune competent individuals.  The species of Corynebacterium are over looked as a general rule as causative in infections.  The rational for this is derived from the fact that these bacteria can be isolated from the skin and oral cavity of humans, so therefore, the cultures must have been contaminated during collection of specimens.  Below is additional reading materials that are available form various sources.  Enjoy the reading.






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