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Toxicology - Immunotoxicology - Teratology
Toxins can cause a variety of health effects in connection with acute or chronic exposures. The toxins come from many sources including (but not limited to) formaldehyde, pesticides, genetically modified foods, phthlates, fragrances, tobacco and microbial contaminants (mold, bacteria and other biocontaminants) that grow in water-damaged homes and buildings. 

Exposure to these contaminants can affect health via allergies, infection, mucous membrane and sensory irritation and toxicity--alone or in combination. Often, individuals who are ill from toxic exposures have complex symptoms that include chronic inflammation, neurological problems, vascular or respiratory issues, chronic fatigue, reproductive problems, chronic sinusitis, immune system dysfunction, joint aches and pain, dermatological effects, gastrointestinal tract disturbances, and peripheral and central neuropathy. The brain is also often affected with a condition referred to as "brain fog."
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Personal motto: A clean environment and good health are the most precious resources to leave our children.

Business Partner:
Sandra L. Crawley, M.E.D., LADC
Trauma Specialist

Jack Thrasher and Sandra Crawley
Dr. Thrasher and Ms. Crawley have devoted their lives to alleviating the suffering of individuals resulting from traumatic toxic exposure. They each bring unique skills and insight involving keen intelligence, thorough research, an unrelenting devotion to the truth and genuine empathy and compassion.

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